Stryker SR-955 Hpc Dissection

The first of a series of videos on the dissection of a Stryker SR-955 Hpc has been posted online and we’ve got the link so you can go look and maybe subscribe to see the further parts of the series. It’s something different and why not! Let’s hope it can provide us with some interesting videos and an insight on how the radio has been made.

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4 thoughts on “Stryker SR-955 Hpc Dissection

  1. Encoder delays-yep seen this before
    Chap on video has a point,acting like de-bounce delays have to be firmware fix.
    Im surprised that was not picked up in pre-production phases?

    Build quality looks good,nice heat sink and screening,thumbs up there!
    Spreading Inductors not a big issues on broadband filters,wouldn’t concern me that much.
    USB it is not,its 5V digital direct,the level shifter built inside PC cable,bit daft but there you go.
    Unsure if its wide or narrow fm,have to do some more digging to comment on that.



    • Agree with video that firmware is a little slow. But Stryker has changed many things in life of this radio so maybe can be changed. As factory has new software engineers maybe a new revision with signal to noise and to speed it up can be realised.
      Just needs time i guess…


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