East Midland’s CB Radio Net 4/1/2018

Thanks to Roger from Birmingham for sending me the link to the network named above. Great to hear and indeed it really seems that radio usage is again on the increase again and long may that be the case. More and more networks seem to be popping up across the UK and indeed on the mainland EU. Listen to the guy running a T2LT on a 7m roach pole he is blasting out. Enjoy the video.

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3 thoughts on “East Midland’s CB Radio Net 4/1/2018

  1. Hello Simon
    Yes CB radio is on the rise again Here in London I chair the ch 35fm (27.94125) net that runs Daily from 8:30pm – dawn lol
    I’ve been running it for well over a year 1/2 now When I came back on the air ch 35 only had 4/5 regular breaker using it
    We now have on most nights 35 /40 stations logging in Now it’s got to the situation where we have to have an over flow channel to cope with the big increase of people coming back to CB radio now
    We also have a Facebook group linked to our ch35 net it’s called CB Channel 35 club uk
    Where a community based CB club we cover London and surrounding counties and a lot further when conditions allow
    We have wide range of people who enjoy the fun and company that CB radio gives them We have a diverse group of people from digger drivers to rock stars old and young it brings together people who for what ever reason would not normally mix in the same social circles But on CB radio we all come together and enjoy the mix of characters and we all look out for each other
    So if anyone is thinking of coming back on air we have loads of people out there in London waiting to chat to you

    Jake Highgate (CT2151 73’s


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