12 Months Of President

I’ve been asked about the 12 months of President by many people and what I can think will happen. That’s like trying to pin a tail on a running donkey. They never do what you’d think they will. Below are some ideas, it’s not scientific. Remember they’ve discontinued many radios in the last 12 months and in that can it be a hint?


They’ve discontinued Jackson II, Henry, Walker, JFK II, Andy AM/FM, Barry FM, Randy II, Grant II and many more that I can’t remember. Maybe some of these will ride again. But I think the only real clue we have is from Durmersheim Germany from Christian and Henning that reported “Grant III” comes in 2018. Many keep mentioning McKinley EU. I’m not entering that debate as mentioned many times and was told “non” so who knows.

Not Needed:

Only my opinion but we don’t need 12 metre radios with FM/AM. I think we need export mode and indeed 12 metres is fine with SSB and CW. But not on AM/FM.

SSB/CW: 24.7-30.1

FM/AM: 25.1-30.1

12 New Products:

So can be marine band gear, car accessories, Bluetooth speakers and all in between. Antennas would be a guess. Maybe they’ve got a 5/8 Himalaya? Maybe a new magnetic antenna like the Colorado and Texas? Lots of stuff, it’s impossible to know…

Can be only 12 AM/FM radios come… But it’s President! Expect what you don’t expect.

Wait and See.

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  1. I would be happy if they could re-release one of the old classics such as the Jackson, Lincoln 1 or even the Richard/Jack. You only have to look at the prices the old ones sell for to see that they would sell well. It will never happen though. 😦


  2. great idea of a base station but just now many that have base stations can not use them as the new led street lights are been rolled out all over the uk and, they make lots of noise, and the noise in most towns is total wipe out, most go mobile static now. And a good fm am ssb mobile would be good, some more antennas or just a good Am radio with good ssb a good hand held with fm am and ssb,, for the lads that go walking in the hills, but we will never know what’s coming but if its a G3 they better have it sorted well as the first G2s well awful and abysmal radios with lots of problems released to fast with out good testing.


    • Ultimately no appetite for base stations really. Look at Ranger for example, over €1000 in Europe delivered and not great. Better would be DSP, better filtering, updatable software etc.. Money is the start, middle, end of all things. People are upset at €300 for a radio, so €500 upwards brings you into used HF stuff and no need for a CB


  3. Why at all include other bands than 11m on these radios ? we all know hams don’t use these type of transceivers.
    I say produce nice a base station radio like they have done in the ’70’s. Many many people on 11m operate from home anyways. How many ? nobody knows for sure but a safe bet is at least half of the users do. I still have a President Madison with twin speakers that i do not use but i keep it for old times sakes,it’s a nice reminder of a good era !


  4. I have been thinking too that the in 2017 discontinued radios could be a clue of what too come in 2018.

    But I noticed something else too what could be a clue 🙂 and maybe a trend starting. Almost forgotten names of 80’s president radios making a return with the McKinley and Ronald.

    I have my fingers crossed for the return of the President Billy making a return!😉


    • At least we know a SSB radio can come from the 12 months. But hard to speculate as sure it’s a case of expect the unexpected always. Hope your well Thijs “Happy New Year”


    • Why not write an article and I’ll add it here. Your always in the know what’s happening. Why not write something. 11 months left, why not add your all suggestions and see how many are right 😇


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