The Doktor’s HPX100 President Ronald

“It’s Alive” Klaus the HF-Doktor is busy in his lair with another idea which is currently in development till around summertime as Klaus has so many projects going on I guess. All I can say and all I can report is fan, 100 watts power and larger heatsink fitted to the back. Please wait some time and more information will come.

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  1. Can warm pies with that too! wow impressed,most be a lot more metal work in there to keep that radio cool Simon!
    If you get a chance ask Klaus whats the duty cycle like,quite impressed,can see applications of his work in long range reliable comms. Top engineer.


  2. It has to be an outstanding fan as already with the standard 50W PEP the Ronald it’s a stove! 😂😂😂
    Nevertheless, after one week of use in my car, I love it! 😜


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