Ready In 3 Minutes

Recently released and on the desk is the Midland CB-Go with I believe the new version Midland M Mini on the inside. The kit comprises the radio, cigarette lighter fitted and the LC-29 which as we know is a super short antenna. It’s going to provide close by communication and of course as a compromise due to size. The further the distance the larger the antenna shall we say.

I like the words or part of them on the back of the box

Full kit to discover the CB community

Thousands of people that daily exchange information in real time about the traffic, accidents, road warnings, danger zones, points of interest, restaurants or just have a chat to be in company.

Sadly we all know that CB has had a decline but now appears to be having a revival thanks to more frequencies and the modes made legal, interesting deals and prices on equipment and a new generation of users starting to be part of the hobby.

Later in the month the results of what the radio was like will be added here. It’s important to say that this radio I believe is an updated version and so will be looked at as such and not from any previous version.

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15 thoughts on “Ready In 3 Minutes

  1. It’s on the Thunderpole website at £99.99 aka €112.77 euro’s – with free UK delivery – page does say
    Note: This is a 40 channel ONLY antenna? No other website in euroland says this?


  2. there appears to be no UK seller for the CB radio – Twittered Nevada, no reply 😦 – may have to order it from NL or FR


    • Or they will understand… and buy a longer antenna…
      Don’t underestimate the power of the Dark Side!


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