Midland M Mini V Midland M Mini

As you all know I’ve been a critic about this radio. Some thought my comments were harsh, some believed they were justified based on having 3 Initial Release unusable sat here keeping books from falling off a shelf. Below take a look at I believe (To Be Confirmed) the new version of the Midland M Mini.

Above is one of my radios serial beginning N164

Above the version from CB-Go Pack starting N176 so guess was made June 2017 possibly?

Initial Thinking:

Tidier Inside. Either Nanfone got smart or CTE educated them in quality

Components look almost identical in both versions from my initial look. Rob P will be the man who’ll know better than anyone.

Power lead now comes in two piece form (like this idea a lot)

Over the next weeks I’m going to give it a go and see what I can see. I think export mode maybe in the same place (not looked) But compared to my own radios the CB-Go Pack has absolutely a different type of mini inside than Initial Release.

More to come….

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3 thoughts on “Midland M Mini V Midland M Mini

  1. I very much doubt that the quality has improved. I know Nanofon, they are not able to make good Radio. And CTE is very greedy guys, so they can not cooperate with Anytone.


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