eBay Find. Tricked Out AE-6110

These small radios have been around now many a long year and have come with fans, High Power Modifications, audio changes and just about all tricks by the modifiers of radios. Mine below came from eBay Germany tricked out also. Below are the details on what was with my purchase.

Microphone is now not hard wired but it’s detachable.

External microphone lead that accepts 6 pin microphones although you need use the original microphone for up and down channel change.

External 3.5mm socket so you can run an external signal meter into the back of the radio. And now what else has changed?

Mini 6 Pol on Japan 6 Pol GDCH

The device is set to 10W and 15W in power mode!

FM 2,7Khz / AM at maximum to 10W at 15W 60%

Obviously comes in export mode with above two power levels and the audio is dynamite from the standard microphone. It’ll be good if the seller sells these in multi-norm with the FM hub adjusted and external socket for signal meter. Initial thoughts! Kicks Ass.. eBay of seller: 282848773077

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