**NEW** Ronald 12/10m Now Ronald

Interesting story to share here. Seems the Ronald will come without the 12/10m which I think is enlightened idea. I’ve talked about that here and my thoughts, well documented! Was nosing around in dark passageways and came across it with re-centered name and slightly different outlook on life. Below we’ve got the information for you.

Congratulations to President on the rename. I think stuff like Classic, 12/10m or stuff that detracts from a product isn’t needed plus on skip conditions try and say it all.

Rotary switch channel selector

– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF

– RF Power

– Manual squelch and ASC

– Multi-functions LCD display

– Frequencies display

– S-meter

– Public Address

– ANL filter, NB and HI-CUT

– RF Gain / Mike gain

– Scan

– Talkback

– F function key

– Beep Function

– Roger Beep

– Mode switch AM/FM

– Dual watch

– Span

– Mic type electret / dynamic

– Key locking

– SWR (Power Reading /SWR)

– Preset emergency (EMG 1/2)

– TOT (Time Out Timer) adjustable

– Front microphone plug

– External loudspeaker jack

Anything else changed we will have to wait till can order from online or in a store

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  1. Named after Ronald Reagan, the late President and actor. ? I was a young CB operator and my father made me vote for the guy. Ok I’ll buy the radio. 😂


  2. Cannot see the point of a radio in that price bracket without SSB myself. It is also looks to be a Qixiang inside, you can get non president Branded Qixiang radios with SSB for less. You pay your money…


    • Can be the case but remember also many people buy Apple stuff but it’s Foxconn made and Samsung which is Foxconn manufactured. Most important is how it works not whose the maker 😀


  3. i think they should end that nonsense of marketing these as ham 10/12 meter rigs and market them as they are truly intended to be: 11m radios.


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