Alan 42 DS €150 Catalonia

With thanks to Markus from NeunerFunk and Rob P we’ve got a little more meat on the bones about the Alan 42 DS and also Rob told me the radio has been spied for sale in Catalonia. So as we’ve been asked I’ll leave a photo below, some information and the eBay number of the radio for those interested.

eBay Number: 263468729419

Above news from Rob, and below Markus told us the news direct from the dealer point of view.

Alan 42DS Multi is like FT-818ND from Yaesu, some internal improvements not shown outside, and:

DS Digital Squelch

Improved BNC antenna

Improved NB Noise Blanker

Improved ANL AM Noise Limiter


Markus 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Alan 42 DS €150 Catalonia

  1. Nice radio, it is pity that there is no improvement in SSB handhelds, 2990,1012,storm navigator… and all the rest.
    A SSB handheld with new internal design will be really nice, by the way, do you have any news in this direction? are there at least rumors about future SSB 10/11/12 meters?
    BR, Radu


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