Hera “Inside”

Many have asked about a look at the inside of the new Hera radio from a few weeks back. Before let me say that this is a radio in development. It’s not complete, has some oddities and like other prototype radios a little bit of secrecy is needed. This being said below is a part photo taken at the factory that’s available online. I personally feel due to the nature of the radio then it’s better to wait till almost ready to sell before showing all the information.

Behind The Scenes

I’ll let you into some areas of discussion. Export mode will be from 24.715** upwards which I think isn’t worth it. I’m constant any maker any reseller for AM/FM 12m radios. In the UK market the radio will be unlocked mostly by owners, export mode, high power! Then you loose UK40 2760125-2799125 so not happy. I’ve asked at the factory to add BAND M in export to encompass UK channels. It can’t be done if customer don’t ask! Was the reply I received. So I’ve emailed and ask them consider it. Company was CRT, messaged and no reply! But I did ask that you can be sure. Some other radios suffer from loss of UK channels in export mode. But now I see more are changing and catching up with this idea. BUT not all markets unlock radios too so that also needs to be considered completely.

** Different resellers will have different frequency options

No Adjustment

Nothing currently can be adjusted. No audio, No power, No squelch, Nothing! It comes as it is, this cuts down on components, eventually cuts down on costs and repairs as no home engineers can mess with it. So “tune up extra cost” will come to an end in some market areas.


CRT Xenon & Anytone Hera

Maybe more will come but that’s the two which currently held there hands up and declared it will arrive.

And about this radio.. More To Come

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