Daki Versand

After very many messages from Thorsten B from Germany we’ve got another CB seller to add here. Daki Versand from Germany supplies CB Radios and much more within Germany to its customers. Below we’ve highlighted offers that have been sent to me. Remember this is for German customers only.

This will be one of the last posts on dealers as it’s not necessary. Each dealer advertises and each dealer has websites you can use. Plus even though many foolish people believe each send me a percentage it’s a blog that nobody contributes too. So it ends shortly this practice.

Putting it bluntly they make money on me working for free! So, game over…

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5 thoughts on “Daki Versand

  1. Not this old chestnut again Simon,when are people going to wake up,you said time and time again,posted receipts to show you pay for your own kit. Ive posted stuff about this issue dealers need to wake up and offer you freebies etc for your promoting there products on this blog site,allow you access to free samples in return as a gesture of good will considering viewers ratings on this free blog site,
    You do buy a lot of kit all bought by YOU off your own back and help widen the audience area of these cb products and promote websites for dealers FOR OUR BENEFIT, ALL FOR FREE!If this blog went subscription based,the very people moaning or saying you get a percentage based on no facts,would then moan about this! Personally i think the manufactures could help out a bit more as well to support this blog site as a lot of cb\radio users do come here to look at all the latest products and reviews,plus inside info provided..All for free!
    Chaps ,give the man a break! Id hate to see this site go or be lost,and manufacturers and dealers could help a bit more too,show some backbone and support this blog site a bit more for Simon,so can show off Your products for US potential customers,buyers and engineers and re-sellers!!we like the independent reviews and comments on products and any issues that do arise can be fed back quickly to manufacturers,which cant be a bad thing!All for free,kit bought,free time put in unless Simon decides otherwise.Your doing a good job Simon, dont let a few morons who cant get they facts straight and spoil the day!
    Rob 73’s


  2. Good call Simon. You would think that as many people read your Blog, the dealer might offer some help back to you… Or at least radios to review, etc.

    Keep up the outstanding work


    • It’s because everyone asks feature this, feature that. For that no trouble, but the minority idiots think each dealer or reseller pay a percentage to be here. It’s absolutely fake. So the minority have killed it for minority.


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