Christmas Time Radios & Wine

So it’s Christmas Day and guess it’s become sort of a tradition that across the year people ask me what I’ve used, what I’ve sold off on eBay and what I’ve kept during this year. 2018 has been really a weird year with promised stuff arriving late, other companies that promised stuff not bringing it and factories that told big stories not keeping there end of the bargain.

Newest Idea: Midland Dual Mike & CB Talk App

Came with a massive amount of hinting and after initial release it’s constant updates and new ideas have made this quite a good base for additions to be added. My first QSO was Markus from NeunerFunk, we spoke well ahead of the launch and the quality was excellent as over internet. They’ve so much planned for this device too. It’s got an exciting future ahead. But it’ll need changes as to use the app free and not buy the Mike will eventually lead to issues. BUT promises include echos, bleeps, equalizers and more so let’s see I guess.

In The Car:

It’s not been exceptionally busy in the car this year and out and about for the Delta Romeo Sunday Network mostly. For SSB I’ve only really used three radios and those are President Lincoln II +, a Yeticom Optima II and finally a second hand Superstar 9900 v4 otherwise it’s a CRT One N when mobile. Antennas In Use again not really much to report. Mobile is President New York, static mobile situation it’s the Sirio Performer 5000, the Wilson 5000 Made in USA old one and the Stryker SR-A10 Base loaded antenna which really worked well. Even with signals not lighting any lights contacts were made across Eire and to the UK. I’m told a new version comes with LED lights in blue so it’s off to eBay for a look.

In The House:

After a lot of thought it was an FT-891 from Lamcommunications in the UK that provided most contacts. Otherwise stuff that’s come and gone or remains in use are HF Doktor President Bill ASC, CRT Xenon old version with flashed UK in export mode. More than that Stryker, Avanti, K-Po and Uniden are or have been used. And others too but can’t list all as page too long

House Antenna:

President Himalaya WB almost 3 year and then swapped for a used WB from eBay as it was sold by the seller as “doesn’t work”. Seems ok here! Then of course 1/2 Gain Master from Sirio working well as has the DR111 1/2 by Scott and Hawkins Radio PMR & 5/8 from Nigel. All tested and all worked great.


Only currently running RM Amplifiers. Work for me so nothing to change really. In use most was big Debbie now replaced by Sexy Giulia. I’ve an Ameritron here too but need to fit the replaced Olga tubes.


Albrecht EC-2002 modified by Konektor5000. Sadelta Mikes (all sorts) Motorola V2 from Germany, Dual Mike & Liberty Mike.

Top 4 Countries

United Kingdom


United States


UHF Mobiles

Team Mico in Free Net and PMR 446 with added magnetic antenna

CRT Space U & V Great Radios

Open many new ideas and options for the users


Stryker Radios are “Made in China” and NOT Vietnam like some people say

President are “Made in PRC” (People’s Republic China) AND Vietnam

President Antennas Are Spain manufacture not Korea

Astatic Mikes are Made in China and NOT USA I’m told

Albrecht Germany DO NOT manufacture radios in Germany!! China, Korea etc


Loads of new stuff expected from Avanti, CRT and President. Here I’m looking forward to Taylor IV and Harrison II. Hope sporadic-e will give some good contacts.

General enthusiasm level 6 / 10

SSB It’s McKinley EU but in England already people complaining about “such high price for an Anytone” and they know the price months before release? It’s not an Anytone at all it’s a full fat high octane Uniden produced radio engineered in ultra locked doors in France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· with ideas from around the EU. General enthusiasm level 9.5 / 10 IF what I’ve heard is 50% true then wait and see…..

Happy Christmas


Budapest Christmas Time:

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  1. sorry a bit late but thank you Simon for all the time you put into your work on here so wishing you and family a very happy and healthy new year and all your news be good news take care good friend

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    • Wishing you also a belated Happy Christmas. 2018 has been crazy on the blog and SO much new stuff still to come into 2019. Radios a good fun hobby and now with more and more new stuff. Not enough days in the week or hours in the day for adding all the stuff I’m getting sent so it’s pretty good

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  2. Hi Simon
    Thanks for keeping an up to date most excellent blog!
    Have a great xmas and a very happy new year

    Best 73’s 26DT1207 / G4*** /Dean


    • Hi Dean
      My very best wishes for an excellent Christmas and super new year for you.

      Still more to come in 2018 and then we see what the New Year Of radio brings.

      Happy Happy Christmas
      Regards πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ


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