*INSIDE* President Richard

For my friends in the USA and with thanks to President EU / USA whose allowed me to open the radio to show you the insides. Sorry it’s been slow but with the festive season and lots to do all the things are done but needed to add videos and also add some details that you all asked about. So, below we head into the Richard. It’s NOT a review just a look and see as the radio was pre-release and serial 001.

The radio is beautifully clean inside, no variables, heavy 3 watt speaker and excellent heatsink around the AM regulator and also at the back where the finals will power it too 13w Carrier and 50w PEP on AM. And notice the gap! Is there going to be another radio with similar chassis but smaller?

Serial 001 so things can change before general release in 2019 (January possibly in USA) and runs cool and nice. Echo sounded good, can make many adjustments plus has elec and dyna for Microphone control.

One Comment

The power connection on the back some engineers have complained that after market power cables force the pins into the radio. I only tried with usual lead so can’t comment. But I’ve seen this on videos online so worth a mention. Video was from SRC and mentioned on WWDX forum.


I tried an Astatic, a Sadelta, an Albrecht tuning mike and the standard electret microphone that comes with the radio was really the best sound of the ones that I tried.


I’ve absolutely NO idea at all. Absolutely None! I’ve read prices online which I find amazing so I’d rather not comment as feel they are too low.


Yes I did manage to make a video and it’s going to come soon. It’s going to be uploaded over the next days the same as the Walker II.


This radio is different in behavior and how it reacts. EU engineered maybe a reason, different thought process but it’s different in a nice way. I’m intrigued to get a real one from eBay in 2019 to see if anything has changed. I’d like to see some of the thoughts of this radio in the Ronald. The UK on/off, how the echo works, the sound from the mike seems less nasal, it’s all around been jazzed up somehow. Also the @ for Alphas. It’s a different thought process I’m sure. Tone -5 to +5 for bass and treble on receive also nice touch. I run a Palstar speaker and the sound is lovely. Hopefully it’s going to be adopted on SSB radios. Guess for all only time will tell.

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