*NEW CB* HiZBao 27

Another company cashing in on the gravy train of the same product different name appears to be the trading company HiZBao. They offer this radio in minimum quantity of 1000 pieces with a guide price of between $1-$70** depending of course of quantity ordered. Decided against ordering 1000 pieces as it’s a clone of something else so if needed better get the real one.

** Add to this shipping, warranty, import duties, taxes, profit, repairs etc not end cost


1. TFT LCD screen (colors)

2. Power supply 12 or 24V

3. 4 Watts AM/FM

4. 8 memory channels

5. Channel or frequency display

6. 6 programmable keys

7. CTCSS/DCS encoder/Decoder

8. DTMF encoder

9. Automatic squelch (ASQ)

11. Customizable manual squelch

12. Setting the receive gain (RF Gain)

13. Automatic channel search (Scan)

14. Dual watch function (DW)

15. Programmable beep function

16. Channel 9/19

17. NB/ANL filters

18. Hi-cut filters

19. Overvoltage protection

20. TOT (Time out timer)

21. Backlight adjustment

22. Automatic power on

23. Keylock

24. Mute function

25. Microphone with UP/DW buttons

26. Programmable by computer

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