Team FX / Thunderpole T-3000 Answers

Over the weekend a lot of emails about the new T-3000 and the FX-CB have arrived at the blog. Before we go any further the answers are pretty much guessed at the moment as I know nobody using these radios and so the answers to all are a little ad-hoc and based on previous conversations via what’s app with the maker where the own version and not others have been discussed.

High Power Mode:

Safe to say yes to this ( 12 ~ 16 FM I’d say)

Extended Test Mode:

Safe to say yes to this too

United Kingdom In Export Mode:

Based on a wish from months back I’d say

Thunderpole = Yes & High Power Mode

Team = I’ve no idea at all


I’d say YES on both with Kenwood Connection. My January sample = It didn’t work then.

12/24 Volt:

It’s written on the box so I’d say YES to both.

Need Turn UP FM Audio:

Sure you can turn something up inside (BUT WHY? It’s a CB leave it as it is)

Easiest Answer = Invest your hard earned and find out! Roll the dice and maybe you are lucky and maybe you are not! But at least you own the radio and can find out.

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