*VIDEO* NRC On & Off

I’ve made a small video and added it to YouTube to show how much the noise changes when turn on the NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit). The system is indeed a great advancement BUT I will say again we need to have we end users a way to adjust it. Everyone has noise and everyone has a different level. For me the idea of a menu is to have a low deduction, mid reduction and high which it appears to be set at now. Enjoy the video.

I’ve tried the radio with loud and also weaker signals and around S5 or less for me the sound was like before a little robotic. Easiest way to make it better is add a level adjust as every person in each country has a different level of noise.

This was discussed with the factory a year ago and now SSB can have NRC I’ve again asked about some adjustment and maybe it will come. My idea was something like 1 least reduced to say 4 or 5 being most reduced under extreme conditions. Worldwide we live under different noise and environments these radios will work in. SO, having the ability to change your radio to get the best possible working of the radio seems to be the logical conclusion. Personalisation of NRC to customers needs and not one size fits all.

K-PO DX 5000 Plus NRC On & Off

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  1. Nice demo, thnks. I myself got rid of noise by working horizontal and the use of MFJ-1026/Timewave ANC4 noise killers. It works great. Even PLC is gone now.


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