*Inside Story* CRT Alpha

Here we have it! Boom! Inside story of the CRT Alpha. €75 plus shipping €19 from the CRT Webshop France! And loads of radio for the price. And yes / oui it also has repeater mode inside. Best description is that this is indeed an AT-500M. Power is from the 13N10 like with most of the series and can be expanded into high power multi, ham mode from 28000-29695Mhz and of course HF mode from 24710-30105Mhz and it’s in this mode you’ll find the repeater shift with offset -/+ 100Khz, 5khz and 0khz ending for frequencies and also higher power mode of 4/8w AM and 4/8/15w FM. And plug it straight in as comes with a cigarette plug which is an excellent idea.

Downside: It’s possible now repeater shift in multi-norm via update of firmware. Maybe CRT consider this option down the line. Band selection is only possible from ON/OFF select the band and can’t change the band while radio is on. This is also available to swap via software update! The radio is small and already has features on long press MENU and AM/FM. So maybe add long press on down channel to change the band or maybe long press arrow up to allow enter repeater mode in EU. Time will tell, we are not there yet. Others have done this so after Chinese New Year I’d be on Skype and ask for the same as the others have!

But loads of radio already for €75. And comments above are maybe 3% of us unlock radios, loose warranty etc. SO maybe also worth not considering.

CRT Alpha
13N10 Running The Show
That’s a chubby jumper wire
No Adjust Board. Service Mode is built in but with already from the box Good audio then no need to mess around inside.
Software Version
FM Mod Adjust (It’s loud & No Adjust needed)

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One comment

  1. Let hope so Si
    More sets support channel repeater
    As default,more chance other sets can join in on cb repeaters/gateways/VoIP links.
    Plus opens up a market for 10m repeaters use,making set very flexable
    With ctcss built-in for amateur radio uses .

    I hope CRT France have a re-think ,as we want to push cb boundaries in hobby.
    CB radio needs progression,some have started this trend already.

    Best of luck Simon

    Rob P


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