*UPDATE* Team TS-12vr

So I’ve finally had enough time to nose around the radio and have found some interesting oddities with the radio and it’s banding but hey no point telling Team as they can’t be arsed and most likely would ignore my messages anyways.

So underneath its skin it’s really quite an interesting beast. Actually when you snout around you’ll find the radio has HI and LO power, it covers also 25-28 Mhz with 0 and 5 ending channels and the audio is really pretty good, strong and defined really.

ASQ: Somehow it appears to work on some bands well and on others it either fails to close or doesn’t open until PTT pressed. The oddity is that sometimes it does it and sometimes it doesn’t! But firmware needs to be looked at, the behaviour is somewhat hit and miss and erratic on band A and E for example. Open the squelch from ASQ to open and it is closed, key the mike and it opens, or closed on ASQ and key mike it opens on ASQ closed.

rU Band: Runs from A:25615 to F:28305 so pretty good! Congratulations Nanfone implementation is excellent, way to open and close r0 for zero ending and rU for 5 ending is good, just you need to see when it’s on 5 and zero. I’d have a dot ( . ) somewhere on the screen to help users out.

Gateway appears to be in southern Russia possibly in the area of Saratov, Krasnodar etc. awaiting further news. Frequency 27.100 FM

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