*NEW RADIO* Jopix Doris “Update” All The Specification & Goodies

So what we know now is extended mode will be 4/8w AM and 4/8/15w FM and comes with NRC in receive which is a nice step. Clock is an excellent idea also. Personally I’d like to have seen REPEATER shift as it comes with CTCSS / DCS but maybe firmware can be made future proof going onwards. Like the display, like the size and YOU WILL need maybe the sucker cup for holding it secure.

  • Transmission power: 4 W (FM/AM)
  • Power supply: 12/24 V.C.D
  • Front speaker
  • DIN adapter for installation
  • 40 channels
  • ASQ
  • Channel scan
  • Direct 9/19 channels
  • Channel lock
  • Scan function
  • VOX function
  • Doble watch function
  • TOT function
  • Large LCD display of different colors
  • Selectable microphone type: dynamic/electronic
  • Microphone gain and sensitivity adjustments
  • Noise reduction in RX
  • SWR protection
  • Emergency channel
  • Roger beep
  • Weight: 540 g
  • Measures: 190 x 70 x 60 mm


  • Frequency range: CB-27 Citizen´s band (According the
    multistandard mode programmed)
  • Modulation type: AM/FM
  • Channel separation: 10 kHz
  • Frequency stability: ±5 ppm
  • Power supply: 12/24 VDC
  • Frequency control: PLL synthesizer
  • Operating temperature range: -20 ºC to +55 ºC
  • Antenna impedance: 50 Ω


  • Transmission output power: 4 W (AM/FM)
  • Emission type: F3E (FM), A3E (AM)
  • Frequency response: 300-3000 Hz
  • Spurious emissions: ≤4 nW (-54 dBm)
  • Distortion: <5 %
  • Current: 3 A


  • Sensitivity: ≤1.0 μV for 10 dB (S+N)/N
  • Image frequency rejection: 70 dB
  • Adjacent channel selectivity: 60 dB
  • IF frequencies 1st: 10.695 MHz / 2nd: 455 kHz
  • Automatic gain control (AGC): <10 dB
  • Squelch: <1.0 μV
  • Frequency response: 300 to 3000 Hz
  • Audio output power: 1 W
  • Current: 0.8 A (max. volume)

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