Super Star 3900 Programming & More

Before we look at this please let me say don’t use the Ares II software on this model as the Ares II has weather Band and other differences in the firmware and specification. So don’t think your smart to try it as when it breaks you’ll have nobody to cry too.

So as we see no need really to open the radio as the same programming area as seen on Lincoln, CRT , Anytone and more is located at the same place.

Back seems familiar also.

General look at the back shows the fins for heat and also the vented cover which is something I’m a fan of! Some real good ideas into this case and helps the chassis.

Even kept the original 4 pin socket. My personal guess is that the adapter maybe will work that has made 5555 six pin. But under investigation as and only when the radio is released.

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  1. This radio could develop into an insider tip for little money, if frequencies could be expanded there and Power reach 25 watts.

    Best Regards from Heidelberg/Germany


  2. I already know the answer to this, because if you knew you would say.
    Will there be any options for a frequency counter ?


    • At the moment I don’t see one. Socket on back is just data for programming 🙁 I’d also have liked a counter space but guess back to old style tune fine and course to get zero’s or a radio with display to tune to it..
      Hope you and family all fine and well


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