How To Update UV-K5 & PC Software

First of all you will need the Baofeng UV-5R programming cable and make sure drivers are installed on your PC or notebook. I am running Windows 10 Pro on my programming notebook.

Download from:

You’ll see K5 on the list

Download the zip file, open it to your specified point.

When you open the updater it’s in Chinese so click on the top right and a drop down menu is another item in Chinese written, click it the program closes and opens in English.

Attach data cable into PC and await the top left to show the com port. Turn on the radio with PTT pressed and the light at the top should be glowing solid and bright. Click Connect at the top of the open window and click the dots … at the end of the oblong window and load the firmware. Click the window to the right of the … (remains in Chinese)

Progress bar goes across the screen IF you have pressed Connect and drivers installed correctly. I’ve updated two radios all went well, I think the receive is now clearer compared to a non updated one! A full list of changes I don’t have but it’s a banger and works well now can hear and open links before not heard on standard antenna so something changed for sure.

PC Software (Chinese & English)

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  1. Trying to update my programming software for the UV-K5, having trouble following your instructions. I have V1.0.38 installed
    I have the cable connected, blue light is on to enable transfer of repeaters to the radio but the read in and write out are not lit to allow this. Need help sorting this problem out

    Thank you
    Dave Harris
    Ontario Canada
    VA3 MTP


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