*PHOTO* Ongoing Tests! Nanfone New Hand Held

Tests are ongoing in China at Nanfone with there soon to be released hand held. This time tests are with a longer tactical antenna.

I’m going to say it but will need repeater shift in DE band going forward. Otherwise seems it will be left behind.

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  1. I agree Simon
    All new EU models need CTCSS/DCS
    Split tones and repeater shift DE band Inc expansion bands for 10m options
    Standard features now.

    I’ve been testing ctcss on CB bands during heavy skip,Noisy QRM locations around towns ,group closed Comms and it is a blessing to use Vs open squelch systems on 11m.

    To address ctcss use I adopted
    Ch number=sub-tone number

    Ch 19-19
    Ch 40-40

    Making it dead simple for new operators to use CTcss and remember.
    So it’s no bother using it ,if anything it a very advantageous feature especially if mobile or HT communications.
    Plus a bonus if 10m FM can be configured into as a option?

    Channel tx shift CB mode
    Split tx +/-100khz 10m mode
    Alpha channels for gaps
    0/-5KC steps 👌

    Love that tactical tape whip antenna much better longer version to get maximum range where needed.

    A Two package antenna deluxe option be nice,short helical or long tape antenna in box be nice 👍

    Optional Leather case would protect unit too.

    Looking promising CB HT to complement new CB radios mobiles with FM ctcss and repeater shift for VoIP gateway & repeater uses.

    Having these new features is improving CB versatility further so Def a plus factor if they can add these extras in unit.

    Keep us posted Si👍

    Rob P


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