More will be added as and when time allows. We’ve hundreds of files. If you contact me and I’ve the software I’ll add it here within 48 hours.

CRT 2000 May 2017:

CRT 2000H November 2017:

Anytone Apollo II V1.01 :

Anytone AT-6666 V1 / V2.1:

Anytone AT-5289 V1.02:

CRT Space U (Set Up File)

CRT Space U (Set Up Set Up)

CRT Space V (Set Up)

CRT Space V (Set o Set Up)

CRT 6900n 2012 (v6)

CRT 6900n 2010

CRT 9900 v2

CRT 9900 v2.02

CRT 9900 V4

CRT FP 00 2018

CRT Micron 2017 Deleted Model

President Lincoln II Set up Software

Super Star 3900 (Can brick radio, damage IC!!! Only use to turn off key bleep, the rest it can break like mine destroyed IC)


  1. Hello . Is there any way to mod uniden bearcat 980 ssb so i can use fm mode . right now i only have am and lsb-usb(ssb)


  2. Hi, I have CRT SS7900 transceiver, pcb 5555NPCB2 20140806. Do you have the wiring diagram for that?


  3. Hi I’m looking for a dat file 10m 11m andcuk muppets for alinco dx-10.
    To download. If you can help at all
    Many thanks


  4. Hi Simon
    I’ve got the cable and disc for the SS6900N
    I’m trying to disable the BUSY
    I have the cable connected from the radio to the computer
    On the disc once downloaded I see channel info
    Band A-F then I see BUSY enable or disable What is the next stage


    • Hi Good Morning

      Read from radio (I’d save a copy)
      Disable the busy or what you need
      Write to radio
      Turn off, remove cable
      Turn On
      Busy should be gone



  5. Hi simon!

    I have an Intek M-120 Plus I am looking to increase modulation and the frequencies on it too. I seen your Video on youtube from 13 years ago so I know its a long shot but if you can help I would greatly appreciate it!

    Many thanks dave!


  6. Sorry Simon, thats not fair! The only reason why i buyd a Midland 88 was the possibility to open it into VFO Mode! Now i havent the PW anymore. This behavior is not HAM like. 73 ODIE74


    • By the Way, i allso HELP other young HAM and CB Radio User….without any Loan! I do it for our Great Hobby! As a HB9SOTA!
      Sorry…. 73, ODIE74


    • Ham Spirit = Simon buys software and then gives it everyone for free

      Ham Spirit = Want more and more for free

      Ham Spirit = Not pay yourself, expect others to do so!

      So it shows locking away mods = 100% correct. They are here, know where they are you’ll find them. But don’t look you don’t find


  7. Hi Simon,
    you have fine website! With all these documented mods it is a basket full of gold nuggets!
    73 Andy


    • Hi Andy. Your most kind. And hopefully a lot more to come. Just needs expansion of the blog which takes time sadly but more is added now and then as it’s time dependent. Very best wishes


  8. Hi simon,
    I got an Intek KT-950EE. And (as you probably already know) it isn’t the export version ( KT-950XE ) and because of that the vhf only works from 144.000. – 146.000. Instead. 136.000 – 174.000 .
    I can’t find the mod anywhere and I hope you can help me.

    Thnx in advance


    • Hi Martin. It’s software and cable unlock if older version and newer by key routine. We don’t have this unlock 😞 but we can ask around after the holiday weekend ends here


    • Thnx for the reply.
      Unfortunately i don’t have the cable , so i hope this version can be modified by keys.
      If you could ask around that would be great.
      Thnx in advance ( again 🙂 )


  9. Salve Simon sono in possesso di un Cobra 29 LX EU sto cercando qualche modifica per espandere le frequenze tu sai qualche cosa a riguardo ciò ti sarei grato .Vincenzo


  10. Hi, I wanted to know if you can in the crt ss 6900n v6 have the modification to do the 60 channels without losing the data when you do the reset? Thanks, Enrico


  11. hi simon.I have a TTI 880 Max and i want to do a mod for 10 m or to change to export norm…can you help me pls..thks 73


  12. Hello Simon looking for information on an Anytone AT-6666 for external S meter connection points, bhi DSP connection points, and connection points for an external VFO and schematics and also the service manual

    Secondly looking for connection points for the bhi DSP module external S-meter connection points in an Alinco DX-SR8T


    • Anyone external S meter is on the blog
      DSP Don’t have
      Service Manual not released
      Schematic on the blog too

      Alinco most run the speaker, internal no idea


  13. Hi Simon !
    First off thanks for the information on the power mods for the President Walker 2 CB. It is much appreciated. Do you have any mods you can share for increasing the modulation ? Again thanks for your work and advice !!! Mike


    • Hi Mike. There is a way to increase it, it’s on the blog. Sadly I’ll not announce it as each radios values are different and too many armchair engineers have messed up radios by not having test gear, not writing down values before modifying the equipment.. Then when they’ve a paperweight they cry!


    • Hi Simon,

      I completely understand your concerns about posting the mods for increasing modulation for the President Walker. I will not be doing this mod myself. I have an an experienced shop doing it for me. He told me if I could research the mod he would do it for me. He does not have the time to do the research, I looked and looked but I could not find it. I found the service manual and a link to a Polish company that sells the radio with the mods. Would you please consider emailing me the mod ? I promise, he is a great radio tech and has all the correct equipment. If something went wrong I certainly would not hold you responsible in any way. If you don’t feel comfortable, then that is OK too. No hard feelings !!



  14. Hello, Simon
    Is there a way to add an external s-meter to a CRT SS6900 (at-5555 and so on..). WHERE can I take the signal?
    Thanks a lot.


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